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Sequoia ERP is a fully customisable, encrypted, cloud-based ERP solution for your business growth needs. Adaptable to small, medium, and large-scale businesses, it is built for scalability of operations, optimisation of processes, and streamlining of information.

Why Sequoia ERP

All industries
Sequoia ERP is fully customisable to suit the business growth needs of all industries.
b2b & b2c
Sequoia ERP provides both better oversight of your clients and analytics of your direct customers.
All business sizes
Sequoia ERP is the software you need to scale your business and to streamline your operation if you're already there.

Everything you need to grow your business

Sequoia ERP provides bespoke business solutions to many industries in the UK, including chemical trading with physical delivery, textile trading & sourcing, and the manufacturing industry. Sequoia ERP’s CAFM modules have become a vital tool for facility management businesses looking to streamline and optimise their business processes to the highest degree. Sequoia ERP professionals in facility management systems are experts in analysing and solving complex challenges for landscaping, cleaning and mechanical & electrical maintenance services.

In the logistics industry, the Sequoia ERP software is a perfect CAFM solution is perfect for streamlining import/export documentation processes. By standardising our documents and utilising templates, we can automatically generate any documents, including purchase orders, letters of credit, INCOTERMS documentation and much more.

With Sequoia ERP facility management modules, businesses have real-time access to manage physical environments across construction, property management, chemical and manufacturing industries in the UK. Sequoia ERP solution can help handle multiple elements, including client service, vendor and supplier risk management, asset management, payments and collections.

Unlike many other ERP software businesses involved in CAFM, Sequoia ERP has been developed by experts who have dealt with problems similar to those faced by the manufacturing, chemical and textile industries on a day to day basis. As a result, while focusing on your sales growth and revenue, we are incredibly excellent at tackling bottlenecks in large organisations and targeting poorly integrated overlapping systems within your organisation, helping you save time and money!

By creating ERP software for chemical trading with physical delivery, textile trading & sourcing, and the manufacturing industry, we hope to help streamline and significantly reduce project time within your budget and without delays. Sequoia ERP is quick and easy to deploy and is designed to fit comfortably into your current business model. Customisable yet user-friendly, Sequoia ERP is also a facility management system you know you can trust to manage your retail and corporate estate, providing excellent landscaping, cleaning and M&E to your clients.

If you are a chemical trading business with physical delivery, textile trading & sourcing business, manufacturing company or a facility management specialist based in the UK and need a business solution for your organisation, get in touch with Sequoia ERP today by calling +44 20 3289 2477.

Improve efficiency
Automate repeating operations, standardise documents and switch to a paperless working environment.
Improve flexibility
Sequoia can accommodate your organisation workflow on management, financial and operational levels.
Improve visibility
Unlock and understand data of your organisation with the help of a wide range of prebuild reports and real-time activity reports.

We treat everyone equally, hence all modules and features are available to all users

Client Management

Sequoia ERP synchronises and consolidates all client information in realtime.

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Project Management

Sequoia ERP can create project groups by inviting internal and external users. It also permits or restricts access by setting user permissions accordingly.

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Sequoia ERP automates repeating operations, standardises documents and can switch your organisation to a paperless working environment.

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Stock Management

Sequoia ERP allows for a quick inventory overview for better management of in- and outflows of stock.

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Supply Chain Management

Sequoia ERP gives your organisation a structured method of accounting for all incoming and outgoing inventory, as well as an effective management of prices and the supply chain.

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Sequoia ERP centralises procurement department and controls the entire life cycle of a transaction from purchase order to payment of the invoices. It also synchronises with your accounting software.

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Track & Trace

Sequoia ERP provides real-time tracking and tracing statuses and location of your orders, vehicles and personnel.

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Payroll Management

Sequoia ERP’s electronic time clock will assist you in tracking working hours of employees, as well as to prepare payroll by synchronising with your payroll software.

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Sequoia ERP unlocks and understands your organisation’s data with the help of a wide range of prebuilt reports and realtime activity trackers.

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