It is a business reality that a modern day executive receives more correspondence than she can handle. Whether it is an inventory list, a manufacturing order, or an email outlining procedures, it is vital that this information is filed in a way that can be easily found within the right context and accessible to the right people within a business. The Sequoia Outlook Plugin takes care of both.

Sequoia ERP Solution

Sequoia ERP allows for a vital decision to be made whether or not an email carries business relevance, allowing you to allocate important information to the right contact and keep general correspondence in email format.

This means that you don’t have to search through countless emails in order to find key information if and when needed. This also eliminates a problem whereby different employees use alternative wording in Subject line, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Once pushed to Sequoia ERP, the email is easily found within the right business context and can be accessed by multiple users to whom this information is relevant.

This means information is saved and updated in one place, removing the possibility of error that occurs when emails are forwarded. This error can occur when there are multiple ‘carriers of information’ with an offline copy.

Sequoia ERP Outlook Plugin allows you to stay on top of your and/or your clients’ businesses by keeping key information in one place instead of spreading it across users and ‘information islands’.

Because Sequoia ERP is cloud-based, you and the assigned colleagues can now access this information from anywhere. Moreover, Sequoia ERP encrypts all data, guaranteeing a peace of mind that all information is safe and secure.

Practical Information

Install the plugin “Sequoia ERP Outlook Plugin Setup” by downloading it from

When prompted, allow the plugin to “make changes to your device”.

Locate the email that you want contextualised and filed, click on “Add-ins” in main Outlook menu and select “Push to Sequoia” in the submenu. Alternatively, right click on Email tab, where you will see “Push to Sequoia” at the bottom.

Login to Sequoia and perform the verification process.

Fill in the information required. Sequoia ERP will automatically complete “Header” with the subject line. The information is now filed in the Sequoia ERP contact and thus easily found within its context.

You will see Sequoia ERP plugin in the “Trusted Devices” menu under the Settings tab in Sequoia ERP web-portal.

If you have any questions, reach out to us directly on [email protected]