Why did I leave my job as an IT consultant to focus on my own software company? Simply, because I wanted to help people avoid the challenges I had faced. All business people want to automate processes and procedures to free up time for salespeople to focus on client connectivity and for the businesses to run more efficiently. Everyone wants to focus on growth and performance while controlling costs, managing risks and adhering to regulatory requirements. What was my vision?

I saw the bottlenecks in large organisations resulting from multiple, overlapping systems that were poorly integrated. This led to a loss of revenue and even damaged relationships. Projects took years to deliver, were over budget, failed to evolve over time and had delays when software suppliers had to re-quote for changes in business requirements.

I then realised that there was a significant gap in the market for a cloud based, user friendly, infinitely customisable and scalable software as a service (SaaS) solution that is quick to deploy and easy to integrate with a business’s existing internal systems. In late 2013 I established Sequoia ERP to resolve these issues for my existing clients and build the capacity to close this gap in the market.

From ‘an idea to market’ took me 6 months.

In 2014 we had our working solution ready and our first client in the Commodities sector, where we were able to automate their entire procurement-to-payment process for their London office and subsequently connected their operations across three countries giving them real-time visibility of their entire business. Our software is now being used in 7 countries with our clients’ revenue exceeding 1 billion dollars, but with our current pipeline we will soon be expanding into other countries and different industries, serving larger clients.

Today we have a software solution that is user friendly, highly scalable and very customisable — ready to on-board different types of companies. Our existing clients gain a competitive advantage by deploying our solution: revenue growth, business process efficiency, customer experience and risk mitigation, while achieving compliance with all relevant regulations.

Arthur Abdulin
Sequoia ERP Founder