ERP is crucial to modern day businesses, and there are plenty of reasons to implement ERP solutions, from improved efficiency and visibility to a higher turnover rate. So if you’re still on the fence about whether investing in an ERP system would make sense for your business, here’s a quick look at some of the ways it will benefit your organisation.

Greater visibility

One very important feature of a good ERP system is greater visibility of everything from stock management and supply chain management to reporting and payroll management. You’ll be able to track employee working hours, track and trace orders, vehicles and personnel, and put your organisation’s data to good use by creating detailed reports.

Improved collaboration and productivity

Using an ERP system means multiple users can access the same information at the same time and from any location. Having the ability to store, share and access your data through a single system will improve collaboration within your team, as it eliminates the need to check that data files are complete, accurate and secure.

Enhanced security

ERP systems that are cloud-based and fully encrypted use built-in firewalls and resources that are designed to keep your data safe. This means that even though multiple users can access the information simultaneously, you’ll still have full control over your sensitive data and can choose to restrict employee access to the processes that are relevant to their roles.

Money and time saving

Investing in a good ERP system will save you time and money in the long run, because unifying systems that are currently fragmented will help you create a far more efficient business model.

In addition to helping you streamline everything from product development to IT support, ERP systems eliminate the need for different users to be trained on different systems which can end up being costly and time-consuming.  

Improved client management

ERP systems consolidate client information in real time, which means you’ll spend less time tracking down and updating information, and more time building solid business relationships.

With a good ERP system, you can choose to apply VAT automatically, streamline invoicing by adding multiple addresses, assign clients to specific employees in order to improve efficiency, and easily locate, edit or delete important client information and notes. Not having to complete these repetitive tasks manually will also make your communication with clients more efficient, which translates to happier clients and customers.

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