With all eyes focused on Industrial Revolution 4.0, the digital era, the virtual world, you might think that concern for managing our physical environment was no longer a priority. However, the management of and risk mitigation for the actual buildings in which we work has never been more challenging or more rewarding. For facility management and property management professionals, the right ERP software can make all the difference.

Client Service: manage all incidents reported by employees/tenants.

We help clients effectively manage tasks and issues reported by building residents using our Helpdesk module. Jobs can be assigned to engineers and other specialists to resolve issues on a reactive basis or in proactive, planned interventions. Track task force time sheet per job, individually or by profession i.e. engineers, plumbers, security personnel, etc. Run “one-click” instant reports at the end of the month in real time, saving you days’ worth of work, instead of doing it manually by collating data from multiple systems. This is important in order to remain statutorily compliant and improve customer satisfaction.

Vendor/Supplier Risk Management: our software can measure agreed service level agreements of the individual tasks to manage KPIs, track all purchase orders with a robust approval process using our Workflow module. Record all expenses per task and measure the profitability of each job executed. Combined with our state-of-the-art real time reporting functionality and built-in dashboards you will always stay on top of all the due dates, supplier bottlenecks, etc. Your major suppliers can have dedicated access to the Sequoia ERP to see and update jobs in real time and use it as a communication platform between stakeholders. Email notifications and reminders can even be sent to those suppliers who don’t have access to the system.

Asset Management: our system can help you to maintain inventories of all physical assets in your business such as lifts, escalators, extinguishers, air conditioners, etc. Maintain a digital archive and audit trail of all assets and their maintenance history, including the full asset lifecycle in a single system.

Payments and Collection: we can invoice on-time leaseholders and collect ground rents. You can track suppliers’ POs, invoices and remaining balances due or track material costs originating from both internal warehouses and external suppliers. We can consolidate reports from different finance/procurement systems without having to manually copy and paste information into a single golden source. Our software helps improve your working capital position.

The right cloud-based ERP solution can help companies become more efficient and effective at achieving customer satisfaction and managing risk. Sequoia ERP works with companies in a number of sectors; our offering is especially relevant for facilities and property management companies.