Manage Contracts

Link Contract to existing clients or add to a new Client.

Add Products, Document Templates, Documents, Expenses, Summary, Invoice and any other Activity.

Connect all information seamlessly with all actions within Sequoia to automate repeating transactions.

Payment Information

Input Default Currency & Units, Invoice information, as well as Contract Details and notes. All invoicing in the future will be done automatically based on this information, making your business more efficient.

Assign clients to your employees to improve efficiency.

Shipment & Management

If your business requires shipment information to be inputted, it can be done under this tab. This allows for better tracking of shipments.

Management allows to track who created the contract, as well as choose a Trader and an Assignee for a greater insight into Project Management.

Other features

If you’re a consultancy whose clients need an ERP system, we can help.
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